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^^ Why I add R134+ ?

Since 2012 after Frigid Chicago Cold I am observing that X5 AC is not cooling starting May, took it to Dealer since it was under Warranty, they told me some time Freon leaks under cold temp and they fill it up but charge me for a fill UP. Same thing happened in 2013 summer, again the dealer charge me and fill it up. So in 2014 I think why pay the Dealer ~$180 and grab a Can of R134+ and do it myself. So when i was putting the R134+ I observe my FAN goes crazy like Jet Noise. But the AC start cooling very good. So parked the car turned it OFF, then saw my condenser smoke out the freon. Took to an Indy since vehicle out of warranty, he Replace the Condenser and Vacuum the freon and fill it up. Car is cooling again but the FAN noise never went away and always stay loud like a Jet.. also observe a big puddle of Water on the ground under the driver seat front wheels. I know its from condensation but never saw that much water before..

Did more reading and looks like my AUX FAN is stuck in a High mode, it has a built in FSU which controls the speed of the FAN and it goes High whenever I turned ON the AC. I might end up replacing the whole FAN unit.
part # 17427598740 . I am taking it again to the Indy this week to see what he thinks ?

I think the R134+ "+" is Bad and I should have used R134 only, I have used these cans before without any issues on my other Cars. But the "+" has something more like sealant and oil which messed up the condenser, compressor and cause all these issues..

Had my Coolant Flush in 5/2013 so that should be OK.
FAN never runs if AC is OFF, never see any lights on the Dash board or any codes thrown for Engine getting hotter.
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