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Whistle Satnav stuck in German after update to V32

Hi everyone,

Please forgive me if I have placed this in the wrong location, or if the matter has previously been addressed. I'm playing the n00b card here, as, well, I am. Not just to the forum, but to Beemers!!

Bought me an 3litre X5 diesel Sport, and read somewhere about the ability to enter 7 digit postcodes ( UK) if I updated to V32 Firmware.

So I took my little interweb, found me a V32 ISO file, burned it to a CD, stuck it on the DVD player, put the ignition switch to position 1, and away it went.

Wicked, I thought, the latest firmware. That is, until I went to use anything to do with the computer/satnav, and found it written in German, and with a lovely fraulein giving me instructions in her native tongue.

Being a Brit, I said to myself, "Self, this will not do!!"

Unfortunately, the option to change language has been taken from me, as there is no menu/settings option to allow this.

So, I turn to oyu, my new found friends, for some assistance. Why?? Well, no matter how I phrase it in Google, it is of no help whatsoever.

Your help will be ever appreciated.


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