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Need help with Tail light malfunctioning E83

So first a little background regarding my situation...

Last week I removed the dash and replaced the dreaded evaporator. After reassembling everything I am stumped by what seems to me to be a malfunction with the rear tail lights.

On the driver side tail light the lowest light bulb functions as both a tail and brake light. The upper bulb isnt getting power at all (tested with multimeter)

On the pass side both the upper and lower tail light bulbs function as tail lights however when the brakes are applied the upper bulb functions as a brake light. That means 2 seperate bulbs are functioning as my tail lights and stop lights.

I have replaced the bulbs and sanded the contacts and still the same functioning. I have also replaced the light control module with no changes and also disconnected the battery for 20 minutes. Any ideas would be appreciated Thanks
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