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Congrats on the new ride! I have a 21" Sea ray and a race car so I tow a lot,usually in the 50-300 mile range.I did give a lot of thought on the RFT or a spare tire problem.In reality,if you tow something more than 2000 lbs you cannot use a donut spare on the back,and it is probably not highly recommended for the front.So I went with the RFT,but when I go more than 150 miles I put in the trunk one regular 18" wheel with tire for just in case.Good news is that all OEM tire sizes have the same overall outside diameter.I can mix 18" and 20" without problems.My trunk space for a donut spare is occupied of the spare tire for both trailers.Installing a stand for the spare on the trailer may solve the problem with the tire sitting in the trunk.
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