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See all the event images here: 2014-Lassen_RoadTrip

The Lassen trip was another great adventure to see new sights and make new friends. This trip started off a little odd to say the least. We had 13 cars scheduled to go and had 3 people had to bow out at the 11th hour due to various reasons. Then the night before we left, the co leader of the drive lost the alternator on his Porsche on the way to Sacramento. Thankfully we figured out a car solution so that everyone could still go.

The group meet up bright and early Saturday AM where we went over the plans for the day and where we were going. 8:30am hit and a group of BMW’s, Lotus Elise, Opel GT, Jaguar XKR, Mazda RX7, Porsche Turbo, VW Passat, and a Subaru Outback headed North to feather river canyon.

The day was slightly over cast as we made our way up the Feather River. Those who wanted to go a little faster stayed in the front and the rest of us stayed as a group moving along at a very good pace. We stopped for lunch at a hotel that if you blinked you would miss the turn. After lunch we made our way to Portola to see the train museum and then headed to Chester for the night.

Sunday was all about hikes and being in the Lassen Park. The group made it to Lassen early in the morning and made a stop to hike to Bumpass Hell to see the hot springs and boiling mud pots. After this stop the group had lunch by a lake nearby and then moved on over the pass to see the other sites in the park. After driving the length of the park we regrouped for a return drive back to the visitor center, and then back to Chester where we had a fun farewell dinner on the shores of Lake Almanor.

Monday was the drive home for everyone. All but two cars left as a group to head home back through Feather River Canyon. There was NO traffic in the morning and the group made good time to a rest area where we took a few pictures and said our goodbyes as we then headed off in different directions to make our ways home.

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