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Originally Posted by wsmeyer View Post
Great write up!

I'm afraid I too may have the dreaded pipe leak. I'm curious, if one were to go with another OEM pipe instead of the aftermarket one how much more work does it entail?

Also, anyone have any input on the kit ECS sells?

BMW E70 X5 xDrive48i N62 4.8L Search SiteSearch 11141439975 - 11141439975KT5 - advanced Water Pipe Service Kit - ES#2738449

The thing that needs to be said is that if you see the leak from top of your engine, under the valley pan, it most likely is not the coolant exchange pipe that is leaking. In this case it mostly is the valley pan gasket that failed. However; since the pipe will fail in time it's suggested you do both together.

As for what type of the pipe to use? I chose the more expensive one because it is threaded internally. The pipe you are looking at has a keeper that should hold it in place. I did not want to worry and the price difference of $400.00 was something I could deal with.

As for the oem pipe: forget about it. You will have to take the entire timing off the front of the block in order to slide the oem pipe as it was intended. You should expect that to cost about 7K+
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