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My experience was very similar (I too have 3rd row seating). It started pretty gradually with compressor engaging after an extended period of inactivity, typically overnight. Over a period of roughly 3 months it got progressively more frequent until at a stage it became very apparent that there was an air leak. As for the noise level, it sounds pretty standard on the video but that doesn't mean much I guess. From what I understand, if the compressor becomes noisy there is no doubting that there is something wrong since this is almost always as a result of a collapsed bearing (service technician's words, not mine). If you want to check for a potential leak it is very easy to do yourself although at the early stages of failure I believe it can be difficult to pinpoint.
It may help to mention that I was informed by an air spring supplier that the typical lifespan of an air spring is roughly 80-120 thousand kilometers.
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