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OP, I urge you to take care of this right away. I had the exact same noise a couple months ago and my compressor went out while I was driving on the highway two weeks after I first started noticing the noise. This caused the rear to completely collapse and the ride was terrible and extremely bouncy/difficult to control.

The dealer recommended I change the compressor only but I went ahead and changed both the compressor and air bags as the bags have never been replaced and were only an extra $400 from my dealer. The compressor was $1100 FYI. If you were looking a lower cost option (noticed you're in Canada) you can go with Arnott. I copied the links below. The DIY was extremely easy and only basic tools are required. It took me about an hour to do with the help of my wife to guide the air springs into their slot. They also show a video on the installation for your reference.

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