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Lucas Oil Will Fix Your Smoking X

I know this is an old post, but...
I'm finally a member on this site and this is my first post. I bought my X5 with 164,000 miles and the dealer tricked me into buying this smoking monster. The short story is while I was loading my stuff from my old car into the X, the dealer snuck over and turned the X off. I was getting stuff out of my Mark VIII and I turned around towards the X and he was walking away from it. I scratched my head and wondered why he turned it off and just supposed for safety reasons. Whatever. He knew damn well the car smoked while idling too long and I didn't discover it for a few days. And I mean SMOKED!!! BAD. I read all about the valve seals and the EGR diaphram stuff(mine has the factory upgrade on it) and was just horrified.

I went to Walmart, got two quarts of Lucas Oil Stop. 500 Miles later, NOT EVEN A PUFF of smoke, EVER...

For what its worth for anyone reading this thread. I put in two quarts of Oil Leak Stop at every oil change
Lucas Stop Leak -

I also put 1 quart of oil stabilizer.
Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, 1 gal. -

I also use SuperTech full synthetic oil. It runs perfect now, and quiet, and NO smoke. No time for the ensuing arguments about oil choice. I've always used this oil that Quaker State makes...

This will save you 5000-7000 dollars.

I'm not a mechanic. Try this at your own risk, it worked well for me.

Now going back to my ignition switch issue
my driver mirror issue
my two driver side door carrier issues
crummy subwoofer issues
coolant leak
windshield wiper tank leak
and rear camber issues

But it don't smoke anymore at 186,000+ miles!!
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