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Mk4 Nav - No power unless I hold Eject

Hi all,

I recently upgraded my Mk3 nav to a Mk4 unit. All worked great for 3 months, then the other day it just went blank on me, and the next day the TV module took over.

Looking at the nav unit, I see the power light is off, but a small light flickers to the left-edge of the DVD slot. If I hold my finger on the Eject button the unit powers up (the red power light comes on) and the nav system displays on the dash-screen, but as soon as I remove my finger it dies and the screen goes blank.

Is this indicative of a common problem? I've taken the unit apart and can see no obvious issues with broken soldering, etc, but I'm by no means an electronics expert.

Any tips / advice welcome.

Many thanks!

Edit: I have exactly the symptoms described in this thread, but there's no ultimate solution there, hence posting.

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