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The manual says nothing about 'charging' because the manuals have been dumbed down over the years, imo...Biff & Buffy don't want to know/think about having to charge a battery, etc. BMW NA is selling the 'driving experience', (preferably a leased 'experience'), and the friendly dlr will be glad to sell and install a new batt for the next set of glazed over eyes, as the batt is never covered under extended or CPO warranty.

Those lugs are made for connecting a 'jump' or a charger...

I charge our '01 E53 regularly, and often for several hours/days on my very low amp Battery Tender. Orig batt went 7 yrs, the replacement has gone 7+ yrs and is due to be R&R'd; both those batts were charged often, through the under the hood lugs.

Same for my '02 VetteVert and my 3 m'cycles.

Adjust that Sears charger down as low as it can go, (hopefully it provides for that), attach clips to poz and then neg under hood, plug in charger and give it a day or day(s), and hopefully you can resuscitate your car's battery. Easy stuff...
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