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So close and yet so far...

This is how I did it (for anyone that may know how to pull this off...)

Using a HEX editor (HEX Workshop v4.2), I opened each file in the v26.09A CD image file, searching for the text string 'GIF89a' which is the header for the splash screen image.

Having this small update, rather than a full CD, helped narrow down the file that contained the splash screen.

The 'trailer' for a GIF file is the first HEX value equaling '00 3B' that comes after the 'header'. This is how you can isolate embedded GIF files - and indeed how I got the GIF file showing '26.09A' above. It is ripped directly from the HEX editor.

A few files had images in them, but only the NAVBOOT file (located in \V_2\RR\0101\BMWC01S\app_sw\) had the splash screen. The other images were much smaller and were related to other aspects of the navigation system.

I selected the appropriate GIF 'chunk' and pasted my new GIF image into its place (I created the GIF file in Photoshop and then opened it in the HEX editor)

I have tried a few different images and all of them have failed to install (the navigation computer gives an error and promptly switches off!)
I've tried a larger image and a smaller image with no success. It is almost impossible to get the image size 'exactly' the same and I'm tired of trying.

Hopefully this information may be of some use to someone who knows more about HEX editing and compiling than I do (I'm a doctor in my day job!).

Even after all of this messing around, placing v26 back into the navigation computer gets me right back to where I was before, so no harm done!

I hope someone here can change that image!


Paul Martin

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