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Here's the result of the new version of the connected drive software.


Software update (MX-3.5.4,
Office: Improved support for email messages
and the detailed view. Improved display
of sender of SMS text messages. Improvement
in the detailed view of text
Telephone: Improved USB connection for
iPhone devices with iOS 5. Improved connectivity
of certain devices. For certain devices,
better display and stability during
calls. Improved Bluetooth connection with
HTC devices. Improved sorting of the
phone book in Android devices in Japan.
Improvement in automatic pairing with
Bluetooth devices. Improvement in connection
stability with Motorola XT903.
Multimedia: Improved display of additional
album and track information. Improved connection
and control for Bluetooth audio devices.
Improved functionality of TeleService,
BMW Online and Internet for iPhone devices
with iOS 5.
Plus an updgraded list of compatibility devices.
Btw, I'm not sure they really meant iOS 5....
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