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Technically, BMW have equipped their vehicles with an intelligent charging system which adapts the charging cycle based on the...and this is what I'm unsure of...either the condition of the battery or the age of the battery. The theory is that if a new battery is installed and also registered then it's charging cycle will be optimized, thereby maximising the battery's life cycle. More importantly in my opinion is the need to perform this function if the new battery is not of the same type as the one being replaced. For example, some of the older model E70's were issued with wet cell batteries while newer models have AGM units. A lot of people prefer to replace wet cell with AGM because there is no risk of contamination if the battery case is compromised for any reason. More importantly though is the excellent instant crank power AGM batteries deliver which make them favourable in very cold climates where it can be difficult to start vehicles from cold...the charging cycle of these batteries is quite different from wet cell batteries.
Long explanation I know but there you have it.
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