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Originally Posted by mam4.6 View Post
I'll check out his DA to see exactly what he's got. Thanks for the advice on Phil's package, I think I'll probably go with that. Like you said, with the proper pad/polish combo on a DA, I'm sure I can get my desired results. I'll make sure to get some smaller pads, info like that is what makes getting started easier. Thanks!

The wax I currently have is Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax, I've also used their NXT Tech Wax.

I'll get back to you if I need anything once I get started. I'm planning on getting some good before/after/progress pics once I get there.
If you order a GG6 package from Phil, order the one with 5 Uber Foam pads, get 3 orange and 2 green pads. I don't use the black (waxing) as I do it by hand, the yellow is too aggressive, and the blue is only for ultra soft paints like Infiniti for jeweling. Order a 2 pack, or 2- 2 packs of Megs MF cutting pads (5.5"), Phil sends all 5.5" pads and a vented 5" backing plate with his GG6 packages. You still have the option to use 6.5" pads because the plate comes with the machine but you get better correction with 5.5" pads trust me.

Wow, NXT Tech Wax, that was on my shelf 12 years ago when I got my permit at 16, and was waxing my first car in my garage lol! Its a good wax but it doesn't last as long and has some fillers which I don't like in my waxes.

Recommend Collinite 845, Menzerna Power Lock, or Sonax PNS for final LSP, use the Tech Wax and Ultimate Liquid wax on door jambs and wheels or other equipment/cars to use it up IMO.
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