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Generally you should never lower the full weight of the vehicle onto deflated air bags...but having said that, if an air bag develops a leak and you open up your garage in the morning to find it sitting flat on its arse you're not exactly gonna reach for the jack now are you? For whatever reason, both bags tore out of their mounting holes or the plastic anchors were destroyed from what I understood by your last message. Best I can suggest is to lower slowly while allowing to inflate. Once inflated and fully lowered, measure ground to wheel arch or hub to wheel arch, I can't remember which is described in the manual, and check it matches the height in the owner manual. One more thing, I also battled to locate the anchors when fitting the bags but have since read that some guys have lifted the matting in the rear so they can get eyes on it. Not sure if that is for E53 only or if possible with E70. Could be they never seated correctly last time you fitted and that had something to do with the failure? Just throwing random thought at you since more info is better than less I think.
As always, best of luck. I think you'll be fine this time round.
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