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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post

Can you please link the BF thread again? I want to see some results of long term testing.

If this helps with oil consumption, and is serviceable, you may be on to something. Paging Doru and cn90 as they are pretty much the E39 experts to see their thoughts...

I just replaced with cold weather CCV complete system in the past year but if this is reliable and long term solid, I'm going to do it for sure.

EDIT Nvm I found it.

I've spoken to some E39 gurus though and I thought the consensus was that for long term reliability the PCV isn't enough to keep the vaccuum down in the crankcase, over time its bad for the rings bc of too much vaccuum? Dorin (Doru) and I have discussed this several times, he would be able to chime in on this.
I would love to hear some more insight as well from people that understand this system more, I will continue to further modify this system to achieve CCV vacuum levels, maybe with the use of smaller and tighter fittings I can reach desired vacuum levels. I will keep everyone posted if I mange to make this system better.
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