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***solved*** Steering play

**update, solved by searching the forums and removing and tightening E10 torx bolt #5 in diagram to 28Nm. This bolt connects shaft #2 and #3 (diagram below) together. the aluminum knuckle that attaches to the steel shaft is starting to wear, torquing them together seems to have removed my extra free play in the steering wheel, will source a new part for a future project.***

Hello all,

I am just in the process of replacing my steering rack and I noticed something that I am not sure is normal.

Can someone please confirm if this slop in the steering wheel is normal, it doesn't seem like to me, I just replaced my steering rack with a new rebuilt one and this doesn't seem right on a new rack. Where I tracked down the play was to the "lower steering column joint".

Is this a normal part that wears out? Has anyone needed to replace this before? I know some play is normal at this joint, but is this more than normal?

video here

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