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Thanks for the pictures and explanation of things, I was looking around last night after I read your post and noticed PY24W LED Bulbs upwards of 80w in clear, which I figured would be WAY to bright for the turn signal lights.

With that said, how do you like the brightness of the bulbs that you used, would you go with the same again? I'm guessing that they have a dimmer setting for the parking/running lights and then are brighter when flashing.

Similar to you, the first bulbs I bought for my 2011 were SO dim they were bordering on being dangerous so I took them out.

I also hear ya about taking the wheels off and doing a really good cleaning under there. We are in the Chicago area so after the snow stops and things warm up a bit, I want to do the same thing.

I actually want to do the fender flares extension and get a set of 20" wheels and tires for the summer.
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