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Painted Calipers-Front Wheels Done

To answer your question, yes, I do like the brightness of the new bulbs. Just right, actually, and they do have a dimmer setting when not flashing.

Agreed, being in Chicago, would probably be a good idea to get all that road salt & Winter whatnot out of there. Our X5 has only been in Florida and it's still pretty boogered up. Speaking of, I got the front wheels done before work this morning. Some pics attached. Very subtle detail in the end, but worth it to me. I can't stand seeing rusty calipers & rotors on a 3-year old BMW. Tackling the rear wheels tomorrow.

You have a very sharp looking X5, but I'm a sucker for those big wheels. If you're thinking about the 20s, I'd say go for it. It makes a big difference in the look & stance of the vehicle (squatty, stable, and like there's no way it would ever tip over). The wider wheels and super-white DRL angel eyes were my only two must-haves when shopping. I think you'll like the upgrade!
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