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Thanks for the pictures, post some when you do the rears as well, I love seeing before/after shots as well as work in progress.

I'm jealous, you did this before work this morning, you know what I did before work this morning........ took the dogs outside in the 18F Snow while they were looking up at me like "why don't you strip down and go out here".

I was looking at the bulbs last night on the link you provided. I was actually wondering if anyone has replaced the rear bulbs with clear LED's to provide a full LED experience all the way around.

It also got me thinking of replacing the front turn signal lights on my Ford Raptor.

Love the look of the LED's, quality LED's that is!

And as far as the wheels go, I'm trying to find a nice set of take-offs or something that I can use for the summer and put the wider fender flares on.
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