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Back Wheels Done

Yikes, that's cold! Was chilly here this morning, but not like that. Back wheels done this morning, went a little faster than yesterday. It think it was a combination of having two under my belt with not being as meticulous with the back-inside of the wheels (they'll be dirty by the weekend, I'm sure). Overall, turned out nice. It's one of those things 99% of the people who happen to look directly at my wheels will not even notice, but I know the rust is gone, anti-seize compound is on, and the devil is always in the details!

Speaking of rust, I can't say enough about Hammerite paint, as you can spray it right over the rust, dust, and whatever else. I did a very lazy wipe-down before spraying, but otherwise, the Hammerite took about an hour per-wheel off the project time.

Agreed, quality LEDs make a huge difference. I'd bet a good portion of Audi's boost in sales over the last few years had everything to do with how cool their headlights have looked. I know my head turned! LEDs will look great on the Raptor. Post some pics if you take the plunge!
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