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Looks fantastic, and don't kid yourself, more people (like me and a ton of other's on these forums) notice the attention to detail.

I'll be doing mine come spring (it's going to be 7F tomorrow morning), so now when it gets above freezing I take it by the pressure washer and clean things out as best as possible just to keep all the crap out of there.

It's absolutely amazing how the road salt gets into every little nook, nothing is safe and there's nothing you can do about it, so she gets a good bath once a week just for good measure.

I think I'm going to order the LED's tonight. I looked around a little and there is cheaper stuff out there but I like stuff that's going to last as well as look and perform good.

I think I'm going to do the LED turn signals in the 30W Amber and then the H11 Fog Lights in the wattage that they recommend.

I think I'll do the front Raptor turn signals as well, the stock yellow bulbs reflect quite a bit of Yellow from the light housing when they are off, so I think these will be a nice improvement all the way around.

As well, the Raptor uses LED marker lights, 3 in the center and 1 on each side (Amber in the front and Red in the rear). Each LED unit has 4 LED's in it and they look awesome when they are on so I think the LED turn signals will complement them well.
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