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The Output Speed Sensor looked clean, and I could not tell it from the new one, I expect it had been replaced before the auction. I am guessing they were at their wits ends and just ended up giving up and that is why it was taken to the auction.

Thank you for the links to the videos and the troubleshooting posts.

I believe it sounds like the A drum issue, any maybe there are not any shavings because it was flushed before I bought it.

No metal pieces/shavings in the trans at all.

One confusing point is the trans is so clean inside, it even looks to have a new gasket between the trans and I think it was the bell-housing. I can also see scrape marks where a ratchet was recently used on a bell-housing bolt. Like it had recently been pulled and maybe rebuilt...

I pulled it up on ramps, and I had to get a little bit of a running start (controlled) or it would not climb up the ramp. So I will not be taking it anywhere until it is fixed.

It does not make any strange sounds. I did follow the fill procedure, up, level, and then shift through the gears, and then filled until it poured out. I know I needed to verify the temp, I was hoping I could read that through Torque(Android App) and a Bluetooth ODBII reader, but BMW does not supply that info in ODBII. It needs to be about 100 Deg F, well that is close to body temp, I felt the bottom of the pan until it was close to forehead temp, and I knew that was +/- 5 Deg.

If the level was too low, it sounds like I would feel harsh 2-1 downshifts, and I do not feel that.
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