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Looks like I need to clarify the symptoms that are occurring at this point.

I did fully charge the battery, no difference, I did that on Saturday before I took it on the first test drive.

I started to write this up, and I decided I needed to go out and drive it again to verify.

Well it seemed to shift just fine! I even stopped and pulled it into M 1 and floored it, I shifted up into M 2 and it was nice and smooth. I put it into D and drove it around for about 10 more min, no issues whatsoever.

About 15 min into the drive I slowed down turned into a subdivision, and as I lightly accelerated again, it went into Transafe mode.

I am going to go do some more research on the solenoid cable with the temp probe failures.
2002 X5 4.4i
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Dinan Exhaust, Cold Air, and some sticker saying something about programming on the ECU...hopefully that makes it faster.
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