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Originally Posted by Jay M. View Post
'06 X3 and has 47,000 trouble free miles until mid January.
Cold day, moved from one side of driveway to other, came back after the weekend and wouldn't start. It would turn over but not start and after much turning over would almost seem to be hiccuping and running on 2 cylinders while the starter was still turning the engine over.
Still won't start and engine turns over fairly strong and have been charging battery a lot.
here's what I've done so far...

btw... only codes showing up are 2800 and 2809 CAN Instrument Cluster 2 & 3

1. Pulled back seat and listened for fuel pump
2. Has 35 or 40 lbs fuel pressure at check valve on fuel rack on engine
3. Checked fuses under glove box
4. Checked fuses inside e-box inside engine compartment drivers side
5. Replaced Crankshaft Position Sensor (suggested by some people)
6. Pulled plugs and let cylinders air out 1 week (I thought it MUST be flooded)
7. Small squirt of 0w40 inside cylinder and new spark plugs installed
8. Key fobs work and are recognized and chime is heard
9. New battery about 1.5 years ago

plenty of spark, spins and kinda gets hiccuping and almost ran one time after we checked the spark by pulling one of the coils and putting an old plug in and reinserted the coil and then almost sounded like she would run but immediately sputtered back to just turning over and no go.

I also can't remember where I read about it or what it means but when I turn the key on my fuel gauge stays on E even though I know there's a half of a tank. And none of the warning symbols come on when the key is turned on. The only thing that shows on the cluster is the mileage lights up. Like the gauges are not responding?

Also a suggestion was to see if it would start with starting fluid but I'm kind of wary as I have experience starting diesel engines with it and it is stout stuff.

What about the fuel pump relay or fuel pressure regulator or the fuel pump itself (even though I hear it do something with the seat out when the key gets turned) and even though it has fuel at the fuel rack it seems to measure about 35lbs. Is that enough to start it?

Still no go... what's next in your opinions?

Battery is not dead?In my case there is some issue and if I do not unplug my battery within 24hrs or so my battery dies although it is almost brand new.
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