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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
^^^This. I'd say within the next 25k MAX
Yeah and honestly the more I think about it, the more I don't want to incur another large repair out of pocket. The money is there but I'm already above KBB in what I have into it so putting more money in at this point doesn't seem like a logical decision. Right now I have the get out while I can mindset.

Anyway on the price... Would you guys even look at an add that said 13k for a 4.6? On Craigslist I'm seeing in the 11-12 range (slightly higher miles than mine). I think if I could get 12 I'd be happy but that may be a shot in the dark. As easy as it would be, I don't even want to think about trade in as I know it would be less then what I have left on my loan.
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