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Originally Posted by billdo View Post
Sapphire, what kind of maintenance have you done to the trans? Is it a 3.0 with the GM box?
Yes, mine is the 3.0. I have all services done slightly ahead of time and being VERY familiar with BMWs (owned 22 of them so far), know better then to buy into the 'lifetime fluid' BS. So, I have the fluids replaced at regularly suggested intervals. My tranny has been tip-top doing these simple steps. I'm not always easy on it either. I drive pretty aggressively (even in the X5). I quasi-often put it into manual, rev it up quite a bit and zip around. I visit my parents often who live in the country so I'm often flooring it up giant hills and around tight corners. Maintain them faithfully and they keep on' going. Blow it on maintenance and you're gonna pay.
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