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If yours is like the picture above, drain is D and C is fill. If you plan to drop the pan though, get a new gasket, filter and bolts (they come with locktite on them, or clean and reuse/re-locktite them). Also grab the sleeve gasket as you can only change this with the pan dropped (there is a youtube video showing this nicely). The sleeve gasket is the one on the electrical connector going into the tranny. Yours is probably leaking or weeping too.

If you are only draining/filling, the key is to make sure you fill at the right temperature. Do not do it cold and hope all will be well. The big fill port is like a raised lip with a big plastic tee over top. You shove the fill hose in and to one side. When its at the right temp and you've run through the gear selection process as you've filled it, the fluid will fill to the raised lip and start to drip out. Again, at the correct temperature. If for some reason you feel compelled to shut your vehicle off with the fill plug open - don't. No really, don't. You will quickly realize how fast hot fluid can exit that orifice.

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