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Decided to try and work at least one hour each day on this project.

So this evening took off the brake cooling ducts and the wiring that comes through under the headlights. Got the inner bumper off and the underride bar as well as the two plastic pieces that are either side of the radiator (the two "dogears" in the above picture). The underride bar is badly bent and I hope my hydraulic press can straighten it up without it becoming a mess....

There are 6 plastic fasteners to remove. Two in the leading air of the brake ducts. Two on the back of the inner bumper bar holding the dogears on and two more in plain sight just above the screws holding the bumper cover.

A couple of weeks ago the SES light came on. I need to get the software going (from Romania) and connect the pc to the car so I can read the codes before I start disassembling stuff under the hood. Tomorrow I guess I can still remove some more trim and the headlights.
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2003 4.4i black ext./black int./black headliner
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Hmmmm, love those black headliners!

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