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OK, I put mine on last night.
I have to say I was a skeptic from the beginning, but boy was I wrong.
these things are awesome.
fastest upgrade I've ever done too, other than adding an air freshener.
So quick and I LOVE how there is NO extra stress it seems on the electrical closing/opening mechanism. No sound of having to work a little bit extra. NONE.
AND the trunk does NOT rocket open at all in cooler temps, as can be expected. It opens to about 75% only in my garage (about 15 C/59F) which is nice.
and like everyone says about closing the lid... Its an added bonus cause NOW if you are closing and accidently let go of the lid, it will not crash closed, NOR will a friend be able to slam it closed. the Springs stop it from falling naturally about 1 ft from the opening and you have to physically press lightly on it now which I LIKE a LOT. No more accidently slaming the trunk causing rattles.
I swear, my cars are like a girlfriend.
Sometimes its a rough ride, sometimes its smooth motorin'.
Sometimes she doesnt like how i treat her and sometimes i dont like how she behaves.
BUT at the end of the day, she loves it when I am inside her.

'91 850i
'05 X5 4.4i
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