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Changed MKiV to Monochrome; can't change it back

Hi All ,

I recently bought a 2005 BMW M3 Competition.

It has the 16:9 screen and MKIV nav unit in the trunk/boot.

I started to play around with BMW INPA.
I changed the color mode to monochrome (I did not know what it was at the time, just clicked it to see what it looked like).

And now I am having trouble changing it back again.

The screen turned black.
I have an original V25 software disc.

I have tried the following:

- Clicked the button to change it back to color, it needed to load a new software disc; but no success.

- I put the original V25 disc in, it started loading as you would expect, the screen stays black. But I can turn the screen/backlight off and turn the radio on via the right rotary button.

- I have tried to overwrite the monochrome files on the software disc with the color files. It did this based on these posts: and The nav unit started to load the disc and the led went off. But after 15 minutes it was still off. So i ejected the disc. The led stayed off and drive keeps spinning. No communication is possible with INPA or navcoder with the nav unit. So it is possibly still in upgrade mode. But i have an image on my screen again. Albeit without the navigation option. I think the picture is generated by the TV unit but I'm not sure. See the attachment.

So I have replaced these files:

Replace all files:
csb 0100 BMWM01S
csb 0100 BMWC01S
you must include subdirectories.

csb 0200 BMWM01S
csb 0200 BMWC01S

Mk3 0103 BMWM01S
Mk3 0103 BMWC01S
Do the same thing with directories 0116 y 0127.
You must include subdirectories.


Replace this file:
V_2 RR 0101 BMWM01S app_sw navboot

with this one:
V_2 RR 0101 BMWC01S app_sw navboot

Is there anyone who knows how to proceed ?
to get it working again like it used to.

Thanks in advance !
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