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Originally Posted by Riggodeaux View Post
Absent codes, squid, how did you identify the failure? Did you just inspect the DISA while doing something else? I see no symptoms,but am tempted to just order the repair kit and fix it when I next change oil as a PM measure .....
I removed it as part of my own inspection. I want the engine to be running in top condition since it only has 225 HP and I think the X needs every last one of those ponies.
Then watched some videos where they had a new and bad disa side by side. My flapper has zero tension. It just moves moves freely back and forth. In the videos the new one would spring back . I guess there is supposed to be tension in it. So I figured, might as well buy the kit. Mine was exactly like the old one he took out of his wifes car.
I am going to clean the ICV as well since I doubt that has ever been done.

I have been using a motorcycle detailer ( I have 7 bikes) I bought (Honda brite) to clean the engine bay. That stuff is safe for and protects rubber, plastic, vinyl, paint. Everything. Except belts I am sure. If I am going to be working in that bay I want it clean so I don't get dirty just from reaching around in there. Oh yeah, I also bought the GAS cap for the cooling system.
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