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Right on!, your setup looks awesome, it looks like you get quite a kit of parts on that solution:

L and R headlight assemblies
angle-eyes (pre-installed)
new xenon bulbs
chrome/amber side bulbs

$629.94 plus shipping

It doesn't seem like too many of the aftermarket headlight kits are compatible with factory xenon X5's (like mine), though I did happen across this one that says it will work with factory xenon X5's:

01 03 BMW x5 E53 Titanium Smoke Euro Halo Angel Eyes Projector Headlight Lamps | eBay

$254.48 including shipping.

I wonder how this set compares, though it does re-use your existing xenon lights it says. I'd imagine it's not as good overall as the DEPO kit.


Originally Posted by Zulu95 View Post
Love them so far. My buddy is a GM truck nut and I followed him to go to lunch the other day. He now wants something the same for his truck. LOL
Easy install but then I swapped out Halogen for Xenons as soon as we bought the SAV and have done it a few times since for others or bulb changes.
I had a near perfect set of original Xenons I pulled and sold on fleabay so the who upgrade cost only around $200.

I intend installing plugs into the LED wiring so the units can be easily removed without having to disconnect everything. Should have done it before I installed them. Computer fan lead extenders will work fine.
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