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LOL. Okay, I don't own any Karchers....
Cam Spray on the weekend details, and the other 2 are full blown commercial engines/pumps.

Regardless, I do think that preaching a turbo nozzle is DUMB and ones needs extreme prejudice to use it, as well as the knowledge/breath to make sure that that turbo nozzle is sized right for the machine specs you are using and or oversize, which would decrease it's psi.

We're beating heads here....but that's just because my 2 cents just says whhhhhhaaatt...when I hear turbo nozzle.

You can have weekend warriors running out to get turbo nozzles and just following like the GDWRM, etc without even looking at the specs/size of the nozzle relative to the machine they are using....

For those into detailing, I have searched for years to find a truely touchless method, and even with a PW, it always requires some mechanical agitation.

Maybe RB might convince me to use a Turbo Nozzle
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