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The e70 is the school bus, many runs every day, it has 7 seats. The active suspension is way more comfortable than the e53 sport suspension. I dumped the run-flats which made an improvement on the ride. It is also noticeably heavier but the diesel can really shove it along when under boost. I never really checked mileage on it, for sure it beats the V8 in efficiency. Lots of threads on the e70 forum on that.

However, it is nothing like the e53. I have yet to drive the new style X3 but I suspect that it is the real successor to the e53. The e70 is BMW's answer to the MB M-class and Audi's Q7. The e70 diesel is far more agile than either of those (in diesel form) and that is why we picked it after driving all three.

I think the 35d motor is very similar to the one in the 3-series. Unfortunately I have not seen any plans by BMW to sell the X3 3L diesel in the USA even if they are selling very well in all other markets.
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