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Originally Posted by TriX5 View Post
The e70 is the school bus, many runs every day, it has 7 seats. The active suspension is way more comfortable than the e53 sport suspension. I dumped the run-flats which made an improvement on the ride. It is also noticeably heavier but the diesel can really shove it along when under boost. I never really checked mileage on it, for sure it beats the V8 in efficiency. Lots of threads on the e70 forum on that.

However, it is nothing like the e53. I have yet to drive the new style X3 but I suspect that it is the real successor to the e53. The e70 is BMW's answer to the MB M-class and Audi's Q7. The e70 diesel is far more agile than either of those (in diesel form) and that is why we picked it after driving all three.

I think the 35d motor is very similar to the one in the 3-series. Unfortunately I have not seen any plans by BMW to sell the X3 3L diesel in the USA even if they are selling very well in all other markets.
Thank you very much for that brief (but very helpful) review. I was undecided as well between the e70 and the current gen diesel x5. They use different power plants but I think the 255hp/413lb-ft is probably sufficient to move the current gen around. I think the e70 had more? Whatever the case 23/31 is a lot of mpg for such a huge pig on the current gen and since I won't be looking at a purchase for at least 3 years the current gen on CPO will probably make more sense. I know it's early for research/comparisons... but that's the way I am...

I agree it is unfortunate that the 3.0d is not making it into the X3 is a disappointment. After reading some reviews and checking out the specs... I'm not sure 155hp and 280lb-ft is enough to move the X3 in a "spirited" enough manner for my wife. She might be stuck in the e83 for longer than she realizes... lol. Should be okay though, she really enjoys it and I don't mind because the m54 is a lot easier to maintain than my n62.
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