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Had to set four bath tubs yesterday (plumber is waiting to do the hookups) and work on a tray ceiling but got the headlights off and the air filter removed. Soon time to remove the ABS module and send it out for fixing but it is a bit of an oily mess in there.

Straightened the under-ride bar by gently rolling the Tundra front tire onto it. The passenger side attachment "ear" was a bit crooked after that but with the help of a vice I could straighten it a bit more and it is pretty straight again. (This part is attached to the front of the frame rails * BMW E53 X5 3.0i Underride protection)

Back to the work on the house today but hope to remove the engine cover and the ventilation housing later this afternoon. I'm trying to remove as much as I can of the trim and aux systems without disabling the vehicle.

I am wondering where to disconnect the AC. Looks like at the radiator is a must but can't quite see if I need to disconnect the compressor or if I could move it out of the way?

I am planning to undo the front sub-frame from the chassis as well as the rear transmission suppor. Then undo the shocks at the hub carrier and roll the whole engine/AT assy out the front. Hard to believe it has been over 30,000 miles since I had the transmission out.
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Hmmmm, love those black headliners!

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