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Thanks All,

So, latest update....

Just got back from the Indie, Hugo's Euro Auto Repair in Carlsbad, CA, and Rick there dove into the transmission control. Turns out that the firmware is up to date and is matching the checksum of the input firmware image, so all is good there.

There were the following errors stored in the transmission control unit:
- There was one error of slippage between 3rd and 4th
- A fault on clutch pack E

There were no solenoid actuator errors and the test results came back clear for the operation of the Mechatronic.

He cleared the errors and I was on my way out and paid attention to a few details...

1. it seems that the transmission is "hunting" at the specific range of RPM's (~2700) between 3rd and 4th and it would seem to me that the system is trying to decide which of the gears to go with. At one point I had it actually flipping between the two gears constantly while going up hill at moderate gas.

2. When "coasting" under minimal power... like just the tip of gas to carry along... it seems that the transmission releases and engages the gear ever so slightly, but just noticeable.

3. It seems that the engine is choking under load at times... especially when the transmission is upshifting through its gears when under minimal application of accelerator. I would almost assume the system has no idea of where the accelerator is at. Usually I would think of this as a throttle position sensor or MAF sensor not responding, but the system has no indication of this being the issue.

If I were to look at this from a mechanical perspective, I'd say that the hydraulic system is not able to maintain a consistent fluid pressure when spinning under low RPMs, but, if that were the case, wouldn't the system slip when cruising at ~2500 RPM in 6th along the freeway especially uphill?

Also, why does the system seem to work that much better when hitting the throttle just past the ~3k RPM point?
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