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From reading the WDS, it seems that the trailer module is billed as an "extension" to the LCM. I used the same module from 2002 on the 2006 E53. The LCM is probably a "master", and the TM is a "slave". The 2006 has an updated LCM (I could not code 2002 LCM to have fogs on at the same time as highbeams).

When the TM senses the lights connected (resistance of about 300 Ohms or so), it tells the LCM that the trailer is hooked up, and in this case the LCM communicates to the PDC (probably via GM) to shut off the rear PDC sensors, tells the EHC II to not change the height using the manual buttons (when I try to raise or lower the car manually, I get a TRAILER MODE message), and also kills the rear fog lights.

also, it seems that some programming needs to be updated to include the TM into the rest of the car, since the Tm does not pass the voltage to the trailer lights - when it was installed in 2002 E53, the trailer lights were working, in 2006 E53 the trailer lights are not working, even though the car still knows about trailer being present.

I hope I did not confuse folks much with my blubbering - i am getting confused just by reading what i just typed!
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