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Originally Posted by edogg View Post
Perpetually adding an oil additive isn't actually fixing the problem. The problem is that the seals are failing. Putting in an additive hides the issue by swelling up the failing seals. It's really a temporary fix.

There are accounts where people skip putting in additives which are currently working and the smoking reoccurs. Then when the additive is put back in, it doesn't work because the seals don't swell back up.

You may run the engine forever using the additives and never have a problem. If so, that's great! But it's not really fixing the root issue of failing seals. Only replacing the seals fixes the issue.

BTW, here's a good discussion of the Lucas Oil Stabilizer. Basically, quality oils have additives in them to reduce wear on your engine. Lucas Oil Stabilizer doesn't have any additives so you're basically diluting your quality oil with that product.

Lucas Oil Stabilizer? | OTC and Third Party Oil Additives | Bob Is The Oil Guy
Not a great anology but this sounds to me like patching up a leaking bicycle tube rather than replacing the tube with a more sturdy one. Given the quotes I'm getting for a proper fix are nearly 50% the value of the car, it seems a patch makes more sense at this time for me, albeit I have to make sure to refresh the patch at every oil change.
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