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Hi Guys,

Thought I'd update this very old thread. As of today, the issue has been resolved.

Short version:
ECS sends 15mm spacers and bolts = Shimmy
ECS sends 12.5mm spacers and bolts = Shimmy
ECS stops corresponding with me.

I order 19mm extended head bolts with floating conical seat from a forum member. Reinstall 12.5mm spacers, still has a shimmy.

At this point I gave up and ran without spacers. The only time I rub is when I am on full turning lock. Other than that I am fine without spacers.

A couple weeks ago I finally decided to try this again. Ordered a set of H&R 12mm spacers and used the 19mm bolts from this board.

BAM!! Issue solved. No more shimmy with the H&R spacers.

The thickness in the part of the spacer that goes inside the wheel is considerably thicker on the H&R than the ECS. I'm guessing my larger tires are too heavy for the ECS.

See below. Black is ECS and silver is H&R.
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06 3.0i
97 M3/4/5
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