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New to the board. Just bought an X3 a few weeks ago. There doesn't seem to be much talk about them compared to a 3 series. I own two E46's already and added the X3 to the stable to help with lowes trips and towing a jetski.

Just a few questions:
Is there a tow hitch every one uses? I found a DIY thread from this forum but doesn't mention the type of trailer hitch? Is there a "go to" brand? I can find a whole lot on the interwebs that are $200$300 less then OEM

The first month with the X3 hasn't been very fun. Literally when i pulled it into the driveway the check engine light came on. Pulled out the code reader and it said cam shaft sensors and t stat. The dealer replaced both camshaft sensors and the t stat and couldn't get the codes to clear. So Audi sent it to BMW to have them look at it. The vanos solenoid was shot and Audi thankfully paid for that too. ($900) I get the car back and now its taking a looong time to crank. They replaced the battery with an interstate one. Been driving it for a week and long crank comes back. Take it to auto zone and the battery is at 50%. sooooo an alternator from ebay should be here Wednesday -_- tried to get audi to replace that too but they just said "sorry to hear good luck"


2008 3.0si everything except upgraded sound and no idrive

anything else i should know about these? I assume its just like the E46. cooling system, control arm bushing blow, and window regulators? does the AWD tear their boots like the E46 AWD?

where does one go for decent wheels. I usually use ECS but they have none. checked out modbargains (nothing fun), and just kind of stopped there.
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