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Slow down here a bit.

Do not think this is anything to do with the VANOS.

Crank or cam signal, maybe?? But I do not think so because you are not loosing the Tach signal.

I believe you are loosing fuel for some reason. I see you replaced the fuel pump and filter already.

The loss of fuel and the O2 sensors going fully Lean will cause the Fuel System Status to turn to 8 or got into an error mode. This also cause the Fuel Trims to default to 0 as well.

I would replace the fuel pump relay or swap the horn and fuel pump relay first and see what happens. You may even want to rig up a test light or LED to watch and see if the fuel pump drops out.

As for Logging with OBDFusion, here are some set up options.

First change the MAF reading from Pounds/Min to Grams/Sec, stupid EASY.

Settings, Units, Airflow, choose g/s.

Temp sometimes can be more useful in C vs F, but no so critical.

Settings, Log Setup then set the following:

Logging Enabled - checked

Logging Trigger - choose Trigger at a fixed sample time

Sample Time - choose 1000 msec

Log GPS Items - suggest you unselect it as to not advertise where you live

Select Items to Log - This varies a bit for each car. But here is a list I like to see:

Fuel - do not check any of these 3 items
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