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Attached is the log from today's drive into work. No limp mode, but the SES light came on at the 40 minute mark in the log (rows 506 to 565) - I assume that is when the misfire codes were thrown again. I hit the diagnostics button on the scanner while driving and got the screenshot attached. Weird codes again - but the diagnostic report doesn't show them at all!

The more I investigate this truck, the more I am convinced it is an electrical issue. Since swapping the horn relay with the fuel pump relay, the truck has not gone into limp mode. It has continued to throw misfire codes across all cylinders on almost every trip I take with it. This it might be a poor electrical connection to a sensor or the DME itself. When the truck is cold, and running in open loop mode (fuel status = 1) it idles fine, runs fine, no stumbles, performs well (although I'm usually not hammering it when it is cold). Once it enters closed loop (fuel status = 2), that's when the issues start.

One last thing that makes me think it is an electrical issue - today, other than the misfire codes being thrown, the truck ran great! I was at slower speeds, higher speeds (80+), and had no stumbles or rough running. I don't think it even gurgled through the exhaust... so something is working at times, but mostly not...
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