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You have the M54 I6 engine as I recall.

I believe the fuel pressure should be Fuel pressure 3.5 +/- 0.2 bar or 50.76 +/- 2.9 PSI? Although 45 PSI is not far off, I would be double checking this along with your gauge.

How steep is the hill you are dealing with at the house?

I will need to read back over everything again in more detail as I have many vehicles in my head that I am dealing with.

Fuel pump was replaced? If so, what brand & where purchased?

I think the Fuel System Status changing to 8 here is the key, but the question is why. This usually occurs when the O2 sensor output does not toggle back and forth and follow the engine fuel management changes. I am starting to think there is possibly some Lean/fuel starvation problem here??

I understand you say the fuel pressure gauge did not move, but often the gauges do not connect properly. Did you see a quick drop in pressure when you shut the vehicle off?

Post any Freeze Frame data you get from both the driveway and cruising if you can get it.
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