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Answers below... thanks!

Fuel pressure gauge was taped to the middle of the windshield (just under the rearview mirror), so my reading of it while driving may be slightly off. The fuel pressure gauge only moved on initial startup (truck had been off for at least an hour, lost some pressure attaching the gauge), It did not move move than 1-2 psi for the entire test drive, and when I shut off the truck, it remained at the 45 psi until the gauge was removed (about 10 minutes).

Hill at house has an initial slope of about 30%, was in 1st gear coasting, but applied a little throttle when misfire started. The hill is only 50 ft long before it levels out. I read somewhere that the DSC-X system can manage the "limp mode" but there was no actual wheel slippage (unless a bad sensor is creating a phantom issue here???).

Fuel pump was replaced by my local indie shop, I do not know the brand or where purchased (Hey Mark - if you are following this thread, feel free to jump in here! ). The fuel pump was replaced after these misfire issues started as a possible cause. Fuel filter, regulator, and relay are all new. Pressure testing suggests the engine is getting fuel properly without any starvation issue.

I will continue to gather logs....

Thanks again!
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