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Additional troubleshooting?

Same issue here but I can't logically think how both bags can leak air evenly at the same time and have been looking more at a common cause to include the valve block on the compressor. Over at another BMW forum someone did find a leaking valve block and were able to replace it with one from a broken compressor that they bought off of ebay. Another individual took apart the valve block to check the o rings and when he put it back together it stopped leaking and he had no more sag.

I guess I could do the same as far as the valve block goes but is there a procedure for troubleshooting the bags on the car (or off if possible to replace them). I don't want to just replace parts and hope it fixes the issue when it could get quite expensive if it is the 3rd or 4th "fix". Visual inspection of the bags may or may not work especially if it is a small sized hole and not an obvious tear (which it most likely is since it sags very gradually, over night and evenly...but only intermittently...not all of the time). Anyway thanks for the time, I know this is a common problem just based on the number of posts/replies.
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