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Originally Posted by campy82 View Post
^ Love the color combo too- black interior is the best imho... QUOTE]

love the silver ext with the 19's. but in hot climates black is not always the best interior IMO.
i ended up hating the 19" M sport wheel tire package - had to change them during almost every oil change and sometimes more often - they blew at rate of one per year at cool $500/pop and sometimes two at the time - I make good money just not a $2000 oil change money or $1000 a tire blowout money. different tire size plus rear wheels negative camber plus ferrari quality tires do make for a good ride just a very expensive one. what did rockfeller say - if you have to ask how much for a boat maintenance, then the boat ownership aint for you? then the whole bmw stance on voiding xdrive warranties unless you match tire thread depth, thread pattern, and manufacturer for all four - well thats for the birds - the xdrive has faulty design/manufacturing that chews through tires and disintegrates every two oil changes or so - nothing to do with tire thread pattern or depth, or manufacturer... so yeah i like the looks but made for ferrari owner pockets. i expected a german stouch fiscal conservative design and got flaming temperamental italian version of it
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