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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
It depends what you are expecting or used to. Since you have a 10" now... and assuming it has any room to breathe at all... it probably sounds better than the BSW 8". I enjoy the BSW setup but it doesn't hold a candle to the sub setups I have done in the past using 10" or 12" subs. It fills in the mid-range nicely... and hits some of the lows. Down to maybe ~60hz.

In the end I would like to replace it with a 10" sub when I have time to do a custom fiberglass enclosure that fits where the BSW setup does so as to not lose cargo space. I enjoy having the cargo space and haven't come up with a different place to go with it so as to not lose space. I have done some interesting stuff in the past to keep cargo space while still adding a sub... maybe when I have more time I'll try something like that with the X.
Crystalworks makes a good point here that if you are going custom then of course better sound can be achieved. In my E39 M5 I had a custom box built to go in the right hand side of the trunk where the access panel resides. The builder made the box to completely fill fit this cavity like it came from the manufacturer yet I did not loose any trunk space. To make the most of it we went with a 10 inch Hertz sub and the sound quality is just amazing. The sub and enclosure cost more than the bsw retrofit but I wanted the unit to be out of the way and not take up any room. The BSW in this application of vehicle runs a sub box parallel to the rear packaging shelf. Long story short a custom built enclosure with a high quality sub will yield impressive sound performance. Once again it just depends on how much you want to spend and what type of sound quality are you trying to achieve.

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